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Hi my name is Edwin and I was 45 years old when I took a trip with Troy.  I want to tell you about the time I took a trip to Thailand with Troy.  He arranged the flight information and coordinated the taxi service from the airport to the hotel.  All we had to do was check in, take a shower because of the long flight, and in 30 minutes Troy was at the lobby waiting for me!!  He took us around town to different restaurants and each place we had amazing meals at great deals!  Afterwards he took me to the different shopping district and that place was AMAZING!!! Just to witness it and see the area that I heard so much about, I was really impressed.  Other days he set up a go-cart race with just the guys and we were their for at least 2 hours having a blast!! Then we went to the zip line tours and I have never had so much fun at the tops of the Canopies!  During the trip he was able to negotiate the best possible price to rent scooters for a few days and I think we went everywhere we could on them!!  It was fun, convenient and  inexpensive.  By the end of the trip, I verbally committed my self to take another trip with him to any destination of his choosing!  I'm that confident that it will be another amazing trip!

Thanks Troy for such a great time!!!!


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I have known Troy Lewis for 13 years and we have traveled the world together. He is very Knowledgeable about  travel and knows how to plan a good time. We have done everything from diving ship wreaks to standing over live crocodiles. If you are a diver you couldn’t have anybody better to help you plan your trip then a Master Diver/Dive Master. Troy has a love for travel, he can plan every aspect of a trip so your family and friends will have the best vacation of their lives.

- Randal Davis